What is ECU Tuning

Most modern vehicles have an Engine Control Unit (which we’ll refer to as the ECU ).  This is a small computer which controls how the engine works. Vehicle makers often detune the engine by Car makers produce cars in different versions and often the only difference is the software installed on the vehicle. However the difference in both performance and price of the vehicle can be staggering. Car makers supply cars in many different parts of the world and regulations can vary. Vehicles are tuned to comply with these regulations. Also they have to be able to run in different conditions with varying qualities of fuel and maintenance. We are able to tune the software to optimise the vehicle’s performance.

How does it work?

Our custom ECU tuning replaces the original car maker’s software on the ECU, overwriting it with new software which improves the performance of your vehicle. This can be done using a couple of methods. Often we can tune the vehicle via the car’s on board diagnostic port (OBD) and this is the quickest and easiest method. Sometimes we have to tune the ECU on the bench which is a complex procedure and one that we are well experienced in. We use various types of software and tools from the best manufacturers. We take a full backup of the software in the ECU and upload to our tuner’s portal. A named file writer will expertly modify the parameters to release the full potential. We’ll then upload the tuned data back to your ECU ready to drive. You’ll feel the benefits immediately with no ‘bedding in’ required.

Why choose vehicle remapping?

Our custom ECU Tuning has many advantages. You’ll instantly feel the extra power which on a turbo charged car is very often 30-35 BHP and torque improvements will make it easier to overtake and climb without the need to change down the gear box. On diesel cars most of our customers report fuel savings- often up to 10 % when driving is on a like for like basis. All customers comment that the power delivery is much smoother after the remap, and that throttle response is much snappier. Exhaust emissions can be lower too, and this is another reason why it’s popular with fleet operators such as Openreach.

Are there any disadvantages?

There have been some reports of vehicles with turbo failure or clutch judder. However these are typically caused by poor quality tuning carried out by non qualified professionals. If a part such as a turbo fails it may also be that this was failing anyway. We offer a comprehensive engine protection warranty for vehicles with mileage up to 90,000 miles for a nominal charge.