Is your VW, Audi, Skoda or Seat performing poorly after the software fix?

Does your car now suffer from any or all of the following?

• Poor acceleration

• Increased fuel economy

• Excessive noise

• Breakdowns

• DPF failures or excessive ‘regeneration’ cycles

• EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) problems

If so, Yorkshire Remaps can assist. By using the latest technology we can revert the vehicle to the pre ‘Dieselgate’ software revision.

We can return your VAG vehicle to its original state prior to the update.

We use the original calibration software from VW and we can load this safely through the diagnostic port in around 60 minutes.

This is the only way to restore your car to its original state. A remap will not solve your problems. We must be restor using the full VAG original calibration software and specialist equipment.

This is not in any way ‘dodgy’ or illegal – your vehicle would still pass an MOT test and your car is perfectly roadworthy and safe to drive; the VW software fix isn’t compulsory.

In the same way that your franchised VW Group dealer would have added a software update that may now be causing you problems, we simply reverse this – it’s a non invasive procedure undertaken by experts and should take no more than an hour.

Your car would still be roadworthy, safe and legal – but free of the problems the VW software update may have caused you.

Call us now on 0113 2775245 and let’s get your car back to full health.

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