Original BHP - 140 BHP

Tuned BHP - 180 BHP

BHP Increase - 40 BHP

BHP Increase % - 29%

Original Torque - 320 Nm

Tuned Torque - 400 Nm

Torque Increase - 80 Nm

Torque Increase % - 25%

Here’s a really nice VW Scirocco 2.0TDi we’ve tuned. It’s a 2014 DSG model and although the owner really likes the car it’s not very exciting to drive- or at least it was.. After connecting the car to the MXS25 battery support unit which is used to stabilise the voltage to the engine ECU we connected our CMD Flash tool to the car. On this model a Bosch EDC17CP46 ECU is fitted and we take a ‘virtual read’ downloading an original VW factory data file from CMD’s server. After uploading the data, Brad our expert file writer modified the ECU software to improve the performance. The car owner will see super gains in power and torque along with a fuel saving. After a good road test the customer came back and was highly pleased with the results. He said he’d noticed particularly the improvements around 50 mph and that the car felt akin to what VW would have produced as a higher spec model. We couldn’t agree more..

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