Original BHP - 150 BHP

Tuned BHP - 195 BHP

BHP Increase - 45 BHP

BHP Increase % - 30%

Original Torque - 320 Nm

Tuned Torque - 410 Nm

Torque Increase - 90 Nm

Torque Increase % - 28%

We recently tuned this 2016 VW Passat 150 BHP TDi. As is often the case, this was a great looking large saloon car but with lacklustre performance. This car is equipped with a Bosch EDC17C74 Engine control unit, and we were able to tune safely through the diagnostic port in around 90 minutes. On this model, we’ll use a Genuine CMD Flash tuning interface which is the ‘go-to’ tool for VAG models. It’s super stable and rock solid performance ensures the process is guaranteed to be successful. There are ‘tuners’ out there who’ll probably offer to flash your car using a Chinese clone ‘Kess’ tool bought from eBay for a hundred pounds or so. We only ever use dyno developed, tested and proven tuning files and original branded tools. The owner was delighted with the outcomes, and as is often the case commented on not only the extra performance, but how smooth the car drives. Why not treat yourself to our custom ECU Tuning. Remember we offer an exclusive 30 day full satisfaction money back guarantee.

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