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Had my 2.0tfsi Cupra mapped by Jason last Friday.

Completely painless experience, after checking car out, original map was read and downloaded, 15mins later, new map uploaded.

Now a lot of people say things like ‘transformed’ ‘different car’ etc and you think Yeah ok!

Took the car for a test drive and it was like someone had put an extra turbo on! Pick up improved immensely, first 3 gears gone in a blink! Smooth as well.

I came back smiling like a loon.

I had a performance remap, and expected lower mpg, but I still got 34mpg from Leeds to Brighouse today, which is better than before.

All in all I couldn’t ask for more, and at a 3rd of the price of Revo, APR etc.

Jason’s a real nice fella to boot.

My advice, just do it!

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