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I have a soft spot for these Mercedes E Class Convertibles. I think they’re elegant and stylish, however in stock form they run a (typical) 231 BHP which means it’s more of a looker than a mover. The obvious solution is one of our stage 1 Tunes which will transform the drtive. On this model a Bosch EDC17CP46 ECU is fitted, this necessitates a bench tune (i’e ECU off the vehicle) The ECU is located under the driver’s side front wheel arch tucked right out of the way. It’s a little tricky to remove and refit needing three elbow joints per arm.. We opened the ECU carefully and with no evidence of the opening, such as we’ve seen before.  On this ECU we used a Genuine Alientech KTag tool to back up and write our tuning file on to the ECU. After refitting the ECU back to the car, as expected it started immediately with no engine management lights or fault codes. We accompanied the owner on a lengthy road test and carried out our post tune all systems diagnostic scan. All was well and another delighted customer was on his way in less than three hours.

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