Modern cars have an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which controls many parameters such as the amount of boost that the turbo supplies or the amount of fuel that an injector sprays. We can modify these parameters to make the engine  produce more power, use less fuel or a blend of the two.

Often they do. For example VW offer three versions of Transporter van which produce 88 BHP, 102 BHP and 140 BHP. The only difference between the three is the software in the Engine Control Unit. VW charge thousands of pounds extra for the increase in performance. We can produce these same performance increases for a fraction of the cost.

Yes we advise that all customers inform their insurer. Often they’ll not charge any extra but better to be safe than sorry.

Most modern vehicles can benefit greatly from our custom ECU Tuning:

Cars – All kinds from Alfa Romeo to VAG group and everything in between.

Vans – These can be easily improved with extra power and torque for better load carrying whilst improving fuel efficiency.
Always an important consideration for fleet operators and owner drivers alike.

Trucks -These respond extremely well and the benefits of being able to keep pulling up long motorway inclines without almost grinding to a halt.
Fuel savings here too.

Motorhomes – We tune many motorhomes and campers as these are based on standard engines but with additional weight due to the conversion.
Our custom ECU Tuning can transform your vehicle.

Tractors – Pulling heavy loads can be a struggle for tractors due to low power output from the factory.
Our tuning will ease the load significantly.

The technician is fully trained in OBD and bench tuning, and is accredited by the Institute of the Motor Industry. Many ‘tuners’ are not and often have day jobs not even connected to the motor trade. We’re aware of delivery drivers and Fried chicken chefs remapping cars outside of working hours.

No but it’s not required to tune your car in the vast majority of cases. Our tuner (who is the largest in the UK ) develops tuning files on the dyno. Only if your car has many other hardware modifications would we advise that a rolling roll tune is needed. The way we look at it is that if you were to spend ten or twenty hours tuning then testing on a dyno you’ll end up with something that’s already been done by others. Why reinvent the wheel? Our tunes are optimised for great performance, and are very smooth, safe and reliable.

We do the job right. We carry out a full diagnostic check prior to tuning. We only use custom written and dyno developed tuning files. No Chinese clone tools are used- only Genuine tools from CMD, Alientech and Magic Motorsport are used. We have bricks and mortar premises you can come and visit, and wait in comfort whilst your car is being transformed.

We’re not greedy. We strive to offer our customers great value for money. If you see a tuner quoting a higher price then we’ll be happy to match it of course.. Seriously it’s unlikely that they’ll be offering a better tune and better service.

Sure. We’ll be delighted to work with you by fitting in with your hours and location. Please note that occasionally we have to make a nominal charge to cover our travel time and costs.

Yes we can. We can tune the DSG to increase the speed at which the DSG changes gear, remove automatic kick- down as well as releasing extra torque.

Yes by special request and at additional cost we also offer:

  • Launch control
  • SCR catalyst (deNox catalyst) delete and AdBlue / Urea delete
  • Left foot braking activation ( no throttle cut when brake and accelerator pedal pushed together
  • Exhaust flap control ( example exhaust flaps allways open or closed depending on driving mode sport or normal )

If, in the unlikely event you’re not happy in the first thirty days you can take advantage of our Exclusive No Nonsense Full Satisfaction Promise. We’ll return to original and refund without quibble or quarrell. We want you to be delighted with our tuning and our service.