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Reading our super reviews on Facebook, the owner of this Audi A3 1.6 TDi came to us with various issues after having the emissions fix recall at Audi including reduced fuel efficiency, vibrations, and a general feeling of poor performance. We established which software revision was installed on the vehicle by doing an ID using CMD Flash from Switzerland which is a ‘Go To’ tool on VAG models.The version installed ended in 9978 which is a bad version for sure and it was important to revert to the earlier version. We were able to download the latest version prior to the Dieselgate software. After installing this, it’s important to remove the air flow restrictor located in the air filter housing. Failure to do this results in an engine management fault relating to insufficient air flow. With this software downgrade carried out we were able to read the new data from the ECU and carry out the software calibration upgrade. After a good road test and full diagnostic scan, the owner was able to confirm the car was an entirely different thing to drive. Strong and smooth, this A3 was a pleasure to be in and another happy customer. We’ve successfully tuned more than 2500 cars with great feedback. Why not join the club? We promise you’ll be delighted.

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