Original BHP - 163 BHP

Tuned BHP - 200 BHP

BHP Increase - 37 BHP

BHP Increase % - 23%

Original Torque - 360 Nm

Tuned Torque - 460 Nm

Torque Increase - 100 Nm

Torque Increase % - 28%

Our customer brought his brand new Vito CDi in for an upgrade. He uses his van as a work vehicle and also for loading his mountain biking kit into, so wanted more torque for when he is fully loaded up for work and weekend jaunts into the wilds. We have to remove the┬áBosch EDC17C66 ECU and tune these on the bench which generally takes around 2 hours. As can be seen from the performance figures torque was increased by 28% to improve the driving experience. If you require any more information on any of our services please don’t hesitate to call 0113 277 5245

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