Volkswagen Transporter T6 ECU Tuning

Are you a VW Transporter T5 owner who wants to get more from your van or bus? One of the most popular vehicles we carry out our custom tuning on is the T5 in it’s various versions. One reason is that we can make great performance gains- often upwards of 70 BHP and what’s more this is very safe and smooth. VW Transporters are available in different outputs from 84 BHP to 180 BHP and all respond well. We are able to tune them through the diagnostic port ( known as the OBD port ) in around 90 minutes.

We use a range of genuine tools as an interface between our computer and your vehicle’s engine control unit. (ECU) We take a back up of the data from the ECU and store this permanently. Our skilled tuners optimise the settings in the maps for better performance, and then we can program the data back to the ECU.

We carry out a full diagnostic test on the T5 to ensure the engine is in good condition prior to, and after tuning. We’ll then carry out a road test with you to make sure you’re happy. We guarantee you’ll be delighted and we back this up with our No Nonsense full satisfaction money back promise.