Original BHP - 150 BHP

Tuned BHP - 178 BHP

BHP Increase - 28 BHP

BHP Increase % - 18%

Original Torque - 400 Nm

Tuned Torque - 465 Nm

Torque Increase - 65 Nm

Torque Increase % - 16%

We regularly see the ever popular Toyota Hilux pick up truck for tuning as they respond well to our custom ECU software calibration. The Hilux always has a Denso ECU and we’re able to carry out the upgrade through the on board diagnostic port in around 90 minutes. When tuning a Hilux we’ll use an original Alientech Kess or Dimsport New Genius tuning interface. Our tuning is very safe, smooth and reliable. As these are working vehicles torque is more important than the headline BHP figure, as this is what enables heavy loads, climbing hills etc to be undertaken with greater ease. We have tuned over 2500 vehicles with great feedback from our customers. Why not join the club today. With our exclusive 30 day money back promise, we can promise you’ll be delighted.

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