Original BHP - 381 BHP

Tuned BHP - 420 BHP

BHP Increase - 39 BHP

BHP Increase % - 10%

Original Torque - 475 Nm

Tuned Torque - 540 Nm

Torque Increase - 65 Nm

Torque Increase % - 13%

Repeat customer ‘O’ decided he needed to treat his self. Went to Mercedes dealership and leaves 30 minutes later with this super GLA45.. As you do. There’s no time like the present, so ‘O’ arranged to visit us straight away. This vehicle is equipped with the Bosch MED17.7.2 ECU and we are able to carry out the software upgrade in 90 minutes through the diagnostic port using our exclusive bFlash tool. ‘O’ sent us a video a couple of days after of the car in action ‘post’ tuning. We’ve sent this to the police.. (only joking of course.) Why not contact us to arrange a similar tune for your GLA45? You’ll be glad you did. Get tuned by the best. Yorkshire Remaps 0113 2775245 or 07870 247077.

GLA45 Remap

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